Would Proof of Life After Death Prove God?

Here’s a recent question from a theist, along with my answer:

Question: If I gave you scientific proof of “life after death” or to put it another way the continuation of consciousness, would you accept it as proof of God?

Answer:  Scientific proof of “life after death” = scientific proof of “life after death.”

Scientific proof of “life after death” ≠ scientific proof of God.

“Life continues in some way after death of the body” is a separate assertion from “God exists,” even if they are sometimes conflated.

Some people, such as most Buddhists, believe in various forms of life after death (ghosts, reincarnation, etc) without believing in God. Some others, such as Christadelphians, believe in God without believing in life after death. The two assertions are not necessarily connected.

The validation or refutation of one does not constitute the validation or refutation of the other. Each assertion must stand or fall on its own success or failure, not on the success or failure of some other assertion that some might possibly construe as tangentially related.

Proof of “life after death,” on its own, wouldn’t get us near to proof of anyone’s doctrinal conception of God (such as an immortal, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent being that created the universe).

So, no. I would not accept it as proof of God.

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