Questions from Theists: What are the Tenets of Atheism?


What are the tenets of atheism? If all atheism is about is not being a believer of a religion, or being against religion, then what are the principles of atheism? What do atheists stand for?


Atheists are not one organized group, and thus they have no semblance of an agreed upon, homogenous set of tenets. Atheists are simply all the people without any theistic beliefs. Each one may have her or his own views and values. They each stand for whatever they individually find important. Like many others, they often stand for things like liberty, equality, and kindness toward others.

In my personal experience, most atheists prefer rationality to faith (which is not necessarily to say that they are always good at being rational), and prefer humanistic morality to theistic morality*. That probably also holds true as a broad generalization, but don’t expect every atheist to hold those views.


* I’ll have more to say about what rationality means, and what humanism means, in future posts.

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